France Tour 2018

Trip to Normandy France, September 2018 based in the Eden Park Hotel, Pont-l'Évêque, France

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Grand Tour 4 Polio

An amazing road trip across Great Britain and Ireland from 21st – 24th May.

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2018 Normandy Tour

Normandy TourRRAF 2018 Normandy Tour

Responding to requests for another France-based event, but a bit closer to the UK than last year’s Loire Tour, the Falmouth team are organising a “Tour de Normandie”.  It will be their fourth - previous tours being “Brittany”, “The Two Moors Tour" and "The Loire Tour".

The 2018 RRAF Classic Car Tour takes place in early September among the hills, valleys and chateaux of Normandy.  There will be great driving roads, fascinating visits, bonne cuisine, bonhomie and, this year, a slightly bigger element of competition.

We will be staying at the beautiful Eden Park Hotel (  As well as an excellent chef, the hotel boasts free wifi, safe parking and a lakeside restaurant.  The price includes three nights B&B & dinners (including wine), a lunch and all visits.

Hotel nights are Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of September.  Highlights of the Tour include a visit to a distillery with Calvados tasting and an afternoon tea hosted by the owners of the magnificent Chateau Le Kinnor.

We have also negotiated exclusive use of a private motor racing circuit for our regularity event.

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2018 Normandy Tour Entry List

Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour

Get your motor running with Rotary’s new drive to end polio.

Purple4Polio Banger Rally logo webThe Purple4Polio Grand Tour 2018 is hitting the highways next May and needs cars of all shapes and sizes to take part.

Everyone is welcome to join this amazing road trip across Great Britain and Ireland from 21st – 24th May. You pick your team, car, route, where you stay and raise sponsorship. In return, Rotary around the country will provide check and rest areas in stunning locations. We’ll even wave you across the finish line with a chequered flag at the end of rally party in Yorkshire on the 24th of May.

This is not a race. The aim is to raise money for Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign which has saved millions of young children all over the world from this crippling virus through vaccination and research.

In order to find out more about the Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour and register as an entrant please visit

The RRAF will be creating rally plates for the event, an example is shown below. The cost of each plate is £5 which includes postage. If you would like to order one, please complete the form here and we will contact you.

2018 Normandy Tour Entry List

  1. Mike Davies (Anna)                                            2013 Morgan                       WX62 APY        GB
  2. Tony Alderton (Graham Boniface)                  1974 MGBV8                        TOP 88N            GB
  3. Graham Oliver (Elizabeth)                                2001 BMW M3                                                 GB
  4. John Bowden (Patricia)                                     1975 Triumph Stag            GTR 366N          GB
  5.  Mark Stewart-Clarke (Joanna)                      1964 Jaguar Mk X               299 HUC            GB
  6. Colin Weeks (Judith)                                          1972 Triumph Stag            HEA 655K          GB
  7. Richard Leggett (Carolyn)                                1976 Alfa Spyder                LYX 727P          GB
  8. Alan Morrell (Marjorie)                                      1963 Jaguar E-type           PAG 441A         GB
  9. Fiona Cowley                                                        2018 Morgan Plus 4           VO18                  GB
  10. Angus Clark (Alisma)                                         1968 Lotus Elan                  JPR 803F           GB
  11. Peter Griffiths (Liz)                                            1970 Lotus Elan                                               GB
  12. Keith Collings  (Bob Ponchaud)                       1963 MGB                             XFF 703              GB
  13. Rod Allday (Pauline)                                          TBA
  14. Chris Smith (Pauline)                                        1998 Rolls-Royce                C5 VAF               GB
  15. Chris Ohly (Jane Warren)                                1992 MGB RV8                      L397 XOU          GB
  16. Rob Homewood (Maddy)                                 1939 Rover 14                     FXK 546             GB
  17. Graham Gardner (Elaine)                                 1980 Porsche 924                                          GB
  18. Matthijs Van Den Adel (Gabriele)                  1998 BMW 325                     ZB-FG-66          NL
  19. Ronnie Martin (Caroline)                                  1994 Mercedes                   L992 HYN          GB
  20. Frea Bruss (Miranda Mulder)                           2007 Volvo                           62-TT-VJ         
  21. Peter Wilson (Susan)                                        1964 Mercedes 230SL        AAL 230B         GB
  22. Ian Thompson (Anne)                                      1995 MG RV8                         M300 MGR      GB
  23. David Spencer (Ann)                                        1974 Triumph Stag              SJJ 5M             GB
  24. Paul Weightman (Marion)                               1961  Bentley  S2                 PCW 1              GB
  25. Rosemary Lynch (Peregrine Langton)         1991 Mazda MX5                 H236 PRD        GB
  26. Margaret Pocock (Nigel)                                  1960 MGA                              VRD 550           GB
  27. Don Franklin (Christopher Franklin)              2004 Lexus SC                      N70 DAF          GB
  28. Brian Archer (Audrey)                                      1973 Jaguar E-type            WWM 445M    GB
  29. Anthony Raylor (Carol)                                               TBA                                                         GB
  30. Hans-Peter Wagner (Dietrich Hueck)          1989 Rolls-Royce Corniche   LH-CO-89      D
  31. Peter Kleuters (Pauline Hamilton)                1977 Triumph Spitfire         27-YD-80         NL
  32. Barrie Lukey (Mike Chard)                                         Maserati                      A5 JBL              GB
  33. Ben Ruijs (Irene)                                               1979 Morgan Plus 8             DL-04-LX          NL
  34. Roger Frank (Carola)                                        2006 Porsche Boxster        R20 CRF            GB
  35. Stuart Lee (Sandra)                                          1974 Triumph TR6     41576                         GB
  36. Brian Arendell (Pauline)                                   1973 MGB                               HOE 631L         GB
  37. William Officer (Anne)                                      1960 Jaguar XK150              402 YUB           GB
  38. Huib Jan de Graaf (Peter Tuinhof)                             TBA                                                         NL
  39. Feroz Wadia (Rachel)                                       1961 MGA                               SSU 354            GB
  40. John  Kerridge (Judith)                                               Mercedes SLK                                        GB
  41. Polly Sullivan (Mike)                                         1982 Porsche 944                PDP944X           GB



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